Canada Balsam - The Art Treehouse
Canada Balsam - 100% pure
   True Balsam, "unequaled in clarity"!

Canada Balsam is used in oil painting, and even as a cement for optical lenses.  It enhances colors and permanence, and since it does not crystallize with age its optical properties do not deteriorate. Our Canada Balsam is pure, direct from the fir tree (Abies Balsamea).  Balsams are mentioned in many old research texts because of their common use before the advent of petroleum distillates. Read more HERE!

Biobased Artist Thinner - The Art Treehouse  
  Artist Thinner

Works great with paint and brushes!

Can be used for the initial canvas sketch, to clean paint from palette and other painting accessories. Contains no naptha, turpentine, OMS or mineral spirits. Fully compatible with linseed, walnut & safflower oils, a small amount improves paint flow and dispersion. Biobased & Design for Environment Recognized.

Walnut Painting Gel
Walnut Painting Gel -

      Water Washed!

Unique among the various mediums available to the oil painter.  Made from water-washed walnut oil and a form of liquified silica that is extremely clear. Simple ingredients - crafted to make a very unusual medium for painting! 

The Art Treehouse Shader Brush



The New Art Treehouse Shader Brush!
This is one of a series of unique Art Treehouse brushes.  This brush has a very unusual handle, with fuller thickness throughout its length. It is short for closeup work, and it has synthetic sable hair - with greater spring than regular hair! The finish is flat black.

Oil of Spike Lavender - The Art Treehouse


Kathryn has a strong passion, purpose and persistence to find and use safe art materials enabling her to create beautiful paintings full of symbolic meaning. This path began when she became sensitive to oil painting solvents in college which caused her to stop painting for a time. She then taught herself how to use acrylics, her media for many years, but had to give them as well up due to developing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity which greatly impacted and influenced her artistic journey, direction, and choice of media. Through much research and exploration, she made a momentous discovery, and now uses solvent-free painting techniques, cold-pressed walnut oil paint and eco-friendly panels. This quest has taken many artistic twists and turns, but being a painter at heart, she has come full circle, back to her roots, empowered to continue the journey. Read more HERE!

Bright Future of Artist paintsTHE BRIGHT FUTURE OF ARTIST PAINTS

In recent years issues of toxicity and the the environment have been at the forefront of concerns for artists who wish to be safe, responsible users of pigments and mediums. The need for the best and brightest colours has been balanced with the realization that leads, cadmiums and cobalts are finding their way into the water supplies, regardless of how careful artists are in their usage. Read the full article HERE.


At The Art Treehouse, one very common question asked by artists concerns the shipping of art materials by air, or travelling with art materials on commercial airlines.  This is a topic that can be confusing for artists, since it involves international regulations - and too often shipping agencies and airline security agents do not fully understand the requirements themselves. So, here are a few tips for the flying artist....  Read HERE.



Jack Tenney is an artist that contacted us about his work with landscapes - particularly his interest in using walnut oil and Oil of Spike Lavender.  In his experimentation he discovered that using Balsam Spike Varnish as part of the paint medium allows him to paint without needing a final coat of varnish. Here is his outline of the process....

This is a description of how I painted this work.  I like to do landscapes and I continue to develop my skills. In this painting I apply what I have learned. First, as with all landscape paintings I started with the background, the farthest point distant in the painting, which is the sky. More HERE.

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