Artist Grade Water Washed Linseed-Flax Oil
   Not made with alkaline chemicals!

The standard linseed oil sold to artists is made by using alkali and solvents.  The process is quick, but results in an oil that dries slowly.  In contrast, we refine cold-pressed oil and cleanse the mucilage and particulates from it. The result is a lighter colored oil that has greater gloss, works better with impasto techniques, has excellent color depth, and is more viscous under the brush than chemically refined oil. Click HERE to read more.

 Biobased  Artist Solvent
Rinse brushes between colors!

Can be used for the initial canvas sketch, to clean paint from palette and other painting accessories. Contains no petrochemicals, naptha, turpentine, OMS or mineral spirits. Fully compatible with linseed, walnut & safflower oils, a small amount improves paint flow and dispersion. Biobased & Design for Environment Recognized.

The Artist Mouthpiece
The Artist Mouthpiece is for artists who paint by holding a brush in their mouth. A regular artist's brush can be inserted into the open end of the mouthpiece, and will be gripped at the back end. 

Treehouse White  is a new grade of titanium that has greater durability, less chalking, greater warmth and balanced opacity. Read More...


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