Canada Balsam - The Art TreehouseCanada Balsam - 100% pure
   True Balsam, "unequaled in clarity"!
Canada Balsam is used in oil painting, and even as a cement for optical lenses.  It enhances colors and permanence, and since it does not crystallize with age its optical properties do not deteriorate.
Our Canada Balsam is pure, direct from the fir tree.  Read more HERE!

Biobased Artist Thinner - The Art Treehouse  Biobased  Artist Thinner
Works great with paint and brushes!

Can be used for the initial canvas sketch, and for cleaning. Contains no naptha, turpentine, OMS or mineral spirits. Fully compatible with linseed, walnut & safflower oils. Biobased & Design for The Environment Recognized.

Walnut Painting GelWalnut Painting Gel - New!
Water Washed!
Unique among the various mediums available to the oil painter.  Made from water-washed walnut oil and a form of liquified silica that is extremely clear. Crafted to make a very unusual medium! 

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Oil of Spike Lavender - The Art Treehouse


"I decided to be an alchemist and mix up a new mixture of natural ingredients to improve the luminosity and slow dry time. I mixed Walnut oil, linseed oil, spike lavender, Canada balsam, and clove oil to make my own painting medium! Each ingredient adds its own special touch. For instance, the Canada balsam enhances the vibrancy of my colors while the clove oil extends my drying time." 

Safa sells both her originals and prints, and integrates her philosophy of life with her creativity.  You can read and see more of here work at her web site

Here is a remarkable new painting called The Gift Giver, by the artist Samuel Shelton! 

"I started with a detailed drawing on a traditional hide glue gessoed panel. I then started from the bottom of the figure and painted very tight from the get go with small round brushes. I worked my way up the figure and background inch by inch. I went for a finished product right off the bat because it is due into a major show and I had a deadline to meet. Read the full article.

"The Mars black is a great color for producing more neutral grays and blacks that are not as intense as Ivory. The rope was done in varying earth colors, as were the jars. The flowers required getting into Rubine Red, Quin Magenta and 254...."

At the Art Treehouse, we often receive questions about the drying time of paints. Some artists prefer to keep the drying time “open” so that they can work on a painting over several days. Some may even add Clove Oil to the paint medium in order to further extend the drying time. Other artists prefer a quick drying time, if for example the paintings are to be sold within a short period of time. In their natural states, walnut oil and linseed oil dry with very solid films in three to ten days, depending on the pigment. To speed the drying time, some manufacturers (not The Art Treehouse) add cobalt alkyds to their paints and mediums. Recently there has been significant concern about cobalt driers, due to their toxicity as well as ethical issues related to the mining of cobalt in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The entire paint industry has been working overtime to find a less toxic alternative to cobalt alkyds. MORE HERE!

Sam Shelton Best of Show

BEST OF SHOW - Two artists recently won Best of Show awards for the paintings using colours from The Art Treehouse.  On the left, Bill Martin's Waterfront measures 16" x 20".  Bill made use of his new technique where Buff Titanium replaces Titanium White with a touch of Burnt Umber, or Raw Umber, creating a rather “taffy” color, or “putty” color. On the right, Samuel Shelton's painting was completed in just four hours at a "paint off" competition in Texas.  Samuel is in the final stages of completion for his new professional artist instructional video covering the process from beginning to end. 

Because of the quality of his work, Bill Martin is often asked about the medium he uses in his painting.  He has created his own formula that enables him to use a single medium for both the layering of paint and the glazing, while adding a uniformity and consistency to the overall image.  His paintings are widely recognized and respected by other artists, and his painting "Biff" was recently awarded "Best of Show" at one of the galleries where he is represented. HERE!

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