Recently, a customer wrote asking what items might be best for a basic start in oil painting.  Of course it is a "huge" question because there are so many possibilities and levels. You could spend a small amount, or a large amount.  Many ways to go.

However, here are a few possibilities........

1) To start out with, a way of sketching your rough ideas for paintings...

2) You then need a small number of basic colours...  (can be used alone for canvas sketches) (your fundamental white for all purposes) (basic earth red) (great all purpose blue) (useful bright yellow) (historic essential color) (stunning bright red, often used as a highlight)

3) A round brush and a shader... (probably start out with larger brushes, maybe size 8 or 10)
    ***These are short handle brushes.  Long handle brushes are more useful when you wish to paint with a "long arm" to see how your perspective is doing.

4) A thinner for both working with the paints and cleaning up the brushes...

You can probably find very inexpensive stretched canvas at a local store.  I once bought a package of two (20 inch) for $19.95 at Ben Franklin's.

The above list is a basic start for a small amount of money.  There  are many ways to go from here - all important and exciting.  Of course, that's what oil painting is about :-)