The Canadian Government says that Pigment Red 3 is Toxic

Last week (April,10th, 2011) the Canadian government declared that Pigment Red 3 is toxic to human health, paving the way for a ban on its use in products sold to the public. Pigment Red 3 is a fairly common red, used in many artist's materials that are currently on the market, including some that have a "non-toxic" label. Pr3 is sometimes called Toluidine Red, and may be incorporated into red paints with names such as Eljon Red, Eljon Scarlet, Hansa Red, Hansa Scarlet, Kenalake Scarlet, Solintor Scarlet, and Sunbrite Red. Pr3 can be found in acrylics, oil paints, inks, and plastic materials.
Previously in January, the Canadian government determined that Pigment Yellow 34 and Pigment Red 103 were toxic to human health. These two colors are made with lead chromate and lead sulfate. They were popular at one time, but most artist paint manufacturers have discontinued their use.
It is important to note that toxic pigments can still be found in materials made by major manufacturers, and may even carry a "non-toxic" label.