Oil of Spike Lavender

This is our premium Art Treehouse Oil of Spike Lavender from the lavender farms in Southern France - 100% natural, pure, and fully researched - the ultimate less-toxic painting medium!  It is listed by the FDA as (GRAS) "Generally Recognized as Safe", and has a long history of use in painting.  Sometimes we are asked if Oil of Spike Lavender is a paint thinner or an oil painting medium. It depends on how it is used! We have a separate article covering this question. Also, here is an article on What Makes a Great Artist Thinner?

  • Contains no OMS, mineral spirits, turpentine, or "nature Identicals"
  • Works great with Canada Balsam and other resins
  • Increases the flow of the brush
  • Tested for safety by a licensed toxicologist
  • A true Biobased Art material - sustainable and renewable
  • Excellent for glazing and fine detail work

Spike OilOil of Spike Lavender was the medium used by Leonardo as well as the Netherlands painters, and Rubens used it to enrich colors. Pacheco, in his Arte de la Pintura published at Seville in 1649, advised artists to moisten just the tip of the brush in lavender oil. Oil of Spike Lavender was sometimes washed over the entire canvas to prepare it for the painting and then it was mixed with the pigments. Sometimes the artist would fully dip the brush hairs in the Spike Oil so that the brush strokes would be smoother. Oil of Spike Lavender was the medium of choice from the fourteenth century on. It has an appealing uplifting scent, and only a small amount is needed - a drop or two at a time. This is a pure oil harvested directly from the lavandula latifolia flowering plant!

  • Works with the paint to increase adhesion
  • Extends uniform pigment particle dispersion
  • Great with all brands of oil paint
  • Gives enhanced clarity to the paint
  • Has a rich historical tradition of use in painting
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